Shark Hooks Removed From Whitsundays Water Following Public Backlash

Six sharks killed

Shark Hooks Removed From Whitsundays Water Following Public Backlash AAP

Baited hooks dropped in the Whitsundays where a woman and a girl were bitten in separate attacks last week have been pulled from the water after public backlash. 

Six sharks have been hooked and killed by Fisheries Queensland officials in Cid Harbour since Justine Barwick, 46, and Hannah Papps, 12, received life-threatening injuries.

But the move hasn't been popular, says Nicola Beynon, Head of Campaigns for Humane Society International.

"This was a huge wakeup call to the Queensland Government that the public does not support senseless culling. There have been at least 64 sharks shot dead by the Queensland Government in the Great Barrier Reef since July 2017, that's one every six days.

"The Queensland Government cannot stay stuck in the past, and needs to urgently consider new technology and non-lethal measures to protect ocean users.

Critics say not only does killing sharks affect threatened populations, it also gives swimmers a false sense of security.

The Queensland government on Thursday confirmed the drum lines have now been removed. 

People are advised to stay out of the water in the Cid Harbour region.

Conservationists have criticised the use of baited hooks, first introduced to Queensland waters in 1962, saying they do not prevent attacks and give swimmers a false sense of security.

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