RSPCA Warns Dog Owners To Take Care After Shocking Spate Of Baiting Incidents

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RSPCA Warns Dog Owners To Take Care After Shocking Spate Of Baiting Incidents Pexels

RSPCA WA is warning dog owners of a spate of dog baiting incidents in the state. 

Five separate baiting incidents have occurred in WA since early September – including one dog found bleeding to death in its own backyard  which had to be euthanized later.

The attacks occurred in Dianella, Northam, Gosnells, Seville Grove and East Victoria Park,

RSPCA WA is encouraging pet owners to be aware of any disturbance their pet may be causing to neighbours, and take swift action to mitigate problems to prevent things from escalating, the organization said in a statement.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift added:

“Anyone who thinks they are justified baiting an animal had better think again – it’s a serious criminal offence. The amount of suffering caused by baiting is severe, and those responsible will face significant penalties if caught.

“Causing deliberate harm to an animal is not a solution! Even if the animal is the cause of the neighbourly dispute, it is not to blame and shouldn’t be punished in such a vicious and cruel way. There are other ways to resolve problems and baiting should never be an option.”

 “While no pet owner should ever have to worry about their pet being baited in their own backyard, it is happening, so I’m urging all pet owners to do what they can to reduce the chance of this happening to their beloved family pet.”

The organisation has also shared a shocking letter, threatening dog owners that their dog may be poisoned if it doesn’t cease barking.