Reports 'Fake' Honey Appearing On Supermarket Shelves

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Reports 'Fake' Honey Appearing On Supermarket Shelves

Accusations have arisen that 'fake' honey may be currently stocked on Australian supermarket shelves, following an investigation into 'adulterated' honey.

A joint ABC-Fairfax investigation, with testing at an international lab specialising in honey fraud detection, found that almost half of the honey available at the supermarket was 'adulterated' - meaning that it was mixed with something other than nectar from bees.

Affected products were those that blend imported and local honey, according to the ABC, and are closer to 'sugar syrup' than the actual product.

Capilano, one of the country's biggest honey producers, has denied any issues with its products and criticised the testing, as it is not the same system used for Australian testing regimes.

The ABC report did not suggest that Capilano's brand had any issues, or that they were aware of the adulteration.