RECALL On Aussie Dog Food After Death & Illness Of Several Dogs

Advance Dermocare range recalled

A major product recall has been issued on the Advanced Dermocare dry dog food range, after several cases of dogs falling severely ill. 

The recall has been prompted due to concerns about megaesophagus, which is thought to be the cause behind the illness of nine Victorian Police squad dogs. 

The condition is rare and incurable, causing the animals throat to close up, painfully, and one Police dog has since died as a result, while two more are expected to be euthanised.

The Herald Sun reported that the Advance Dermocare range may be one of the possible causes of the illness that has struck the dogs. 

Mars Petcare Australia has now recalled their Advance Dermocare dry dog food products in:

  • 3kg bags
  • 8kg bags
  • 15kg bags

On their website, they issued the following statement:

"We advise dog owners who have purchased this product to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund/

"These bags will have been purchased from specialty retailers and veterinarians. No other Advance products or varieties are affected. The health and wellbeing of Australian pets is our number one priority, so we were deeply concerned to learn that a number of dogs have been affected by megaoesophagus – a condition that is generally not associated with food.”

Despite finding no link to the condition after running tests on the product, they “are voluntarily recalling these products as a precaution while we work to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as we can. 

"We will continue to provide information to University of Melbourne to enable further testing, and consult with the Australian Veterinary Association. We understand Australian pet owners may be worried. Concerned pet owners should contact their veterinarian, or our consumer care team on 1800 640 111."

If you have any concerns about your pet, please speak to your vet. 


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