Reading Is Where It Is At Right Now Kids!

The hip new spot to hang if you're young

Reading Is Where It Is At Right Now Kids!

Image: Instagram / Readings

Forget the local skate park, the shopping centre or even the cinema as the cool place for kids to hang out!

We are hearing the library is making a come back.

Thousands of Aussie children are signing up to their local library every week.

The Great Australian Reading Survey has revealed stats, saying three-quarters of children aged six to 12 and almost half of under five-years-old are members of their local public library and proudly carry their cards.

A couple of other key points about the reading habits of our kids:

More than half of all parents have a scheduled time set aside for reading

78 per cent prefer printed books to the electronic type

89 per cent of children talk to their parents about the books they are reading.

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