Optus’ Latest Change Will Affect MILLIONS And Not In A Good Way

This is not good

Optus’ Latest Change Will Affect MILLIONS And Not In A Good Way

Image Credit: Optus

Optus is well and truly saying goodbye to the past and moving forward, but sadly if you’re not up with the most modern products, you might get left behind.

Optus has now shut down their 2G networks in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Earlier this year it was shut down in the NT and WA.

For most of us, if you’re up to date with your smart phone this will mean nothing to you.

But this change is set to affect millions across the country.

If you have an older phone that only supports 2G, you will no longer be able to text, make or receive calls.

Optus released a statement saying, “3G Single Band (2100MHz) devices that also use 2G in certain areas of the network, will also lose mobile service in these areas."

There are currently only three service providers in Australia, but there are a number of connecting network operators which offer mobile plans throughout the three main providers.

Optus is connected with Bendigo Bank Telecom, Virgin Mobile, Barefoot Telecom, Amaysim, Vaya, Coles Mobile, ,Dodo, Exetel, Jeenee, OVO and Yomojo.

All of these providers will also no longer to able to offer 2G.