No Meat May Starts Tomorrow - Are You On Board?

Could you give up meat for a month?

No Meat May Starts Tomorrow - Are You On Board?

If you’ve been pondering ditching the meat – now’s your chance.

No Meat May starts tomorrow – offering Aussie meat-lovers a bite-sized no-strings taste of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle – something they can try on for size in the name of their health and the environment, without feeling like they're giving up anything permanently.

“Food should be about fun, pleasure and nourishment. While our message is inherently serious, no one wants to be preached to, and we believe behavioural change should be an adventure, and a dabble with reinvention,” No Meat May founder, Guy James Whitworth said. 

“We recognise that people change incrementally over time and No Meat May provides a safe stepping stone, evidence-based information, and support for that bold first step.  There are so many exciting reasons to engage and inspire people to become plant powered super heroes,” he said.

Why give up meat?

In just one month, on average, each No Meat May participant will save at least 31 grateful animals, avoid 7kgs of meat consumption and prevent approximately 108kgs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Sounds pretty damn good right? Check out for more info.