Nestle Removes 4.5 Health Star Rating From Milo

After CHOICE campaign

Nestle Removes 4.5 Health Star Rating From Milo

If you have a good look at the Milo tin next time you're grocery shopping, you may be in for a bit of a shock.

Consumer watchdog CHOICE has campaigned for Milo to "drop its dishonest 4.5 star rating" on the health star system, which was revealed to be a result of "gaming" the system.

“CHOICE has been calling for change since we first revealed Nestle had been manipulating the Federal Government’s health star system with a rating that’s based on just three teaspoons of Milo with skim milk,” CHOICE Campaigns and Policy Team Lead Katinka Day said.

“Most Aussies don’t consume Milo with skim milk alone. To claim a health star rating by adding nutritionally superior ingredients of another product is not helpful, especially for people who eat their Milo with full cream milk, or even straight out of the can or on ice-cream.

"It’s a move that smacks of marketing trickery rather than a genuine attempt to help consumers make an informed choice.”

Nestle has decided to ditch the 4.5 star rating, CHOICE is calling on the manufacturers to display a 1.5 star rating, which accurately reflects Milo's nutritional value.

CHOICE is also working to ensure:

  • Foods high in sugar, salt and fat cannot get a high star rating;
  • Health stars appear on all products;
  • Companies cannot claim a higher rating by mixing their product with something more nutritious;
  • Make sure that added sugar is included in the health star calculation.