NAB To Offer Compensation For National Eftpos Outage

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NAB To Offer Compensation For National Eftpos Outage NAB

Yesterday, a spokesperson from NAB, Chris Owens, has revealed that there was a nationwide outage across multiple services. 


The outage affected:

  • Internet banking
  • mobile banking
  • ATMs
  • EFTPOS machines

Now, NAB has offered their sincerest apologies for the outage and has spoken to the media about the outage that affected the nation for more than six hours. 

Cindy Batchelor, the Executive General Manager of NAB Business, explained that the issue was caused due to a “power issue” at a facility in Melbourne. 

“… we had a series of failures today, that emanated from a power issue and it isolated our mainframe. It’s an incredibly rare event, but what it did is it took a number of hours for our technicians to be able to bring our systems back up.”

Many business owners opened up about losing thousands in sales on their busiest day, due to the issue.


Cindy’s reply, when asked if there would be any compensation for those affected by the outage - especially business owners - was that it was the intention of NAB to ensure they have “no financial loss associated with the outage.

“… if there was a loss this morning driven by the outage today, yes compensation will be provided to customers. So we’ll work with each and every one of them to understand exactly what happened to that particular customer.”

The bank. according to Batchelor, will “work with [customers] to estimate what their losses might have been” as a result of the outage.

She was asked if the bank will offer 100% compensation and replied, “Oh absolutely. If the customer is impacted, our intention is to compensate them for their loss.”

You can read more about the outage and compensation here.



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