Cheeseburgers Get The Chop As US Happy Meals Go On Diet

Cheeseburgers get cut from menus

Cheeseburgers Get The Chop As US Happy Meals Go On Diet File

Mc Donald's iconic cheeseburger won’t be available in Happy Meals in the US in a bid to help the fast good giant shake their junk food image.

But while cheeseburgers and chocolate milk will be cut from American menus in June, they’re expected to stay on Australian menus for now.

A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson said the changes were part of a global strategy to offer more balanced meals to children, something Australia is already doing:

“The Australian business is already well progressed against these global targets. We have a long history of offering healthy choices in Happy Meals and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our menu. 

“Over the years, parents have responded enthusiastically to our ingredient and menu changes and we’ve made real progress. This is why we are continuing to evolve our menu with some changes to be implemented later this year, including looking at new vegetable and protein options.”

In recent years Mc Donald’s have introduced water bottles, apple juice and apple slices to their Happy Meal offerings in a bid to offer healthier options.