Man Arrested After Threats To Attack Ariana Grande’s Latest Concert In Costa Rica

The concert was last night

Man Arrested After Threats To Attack Ariana Grande’s Latest Concert In Costa Rica

Image Credit: BBC  

A man has been arrested in Costa Rica after police had suspicions he was planning a terror attack during Ariana Grande’s concert.

22-year-old, Caicedo Lopez allegedly made serious threats about a possible ‘attack’ during the concert, which took place last night.

The threatening messages were posted in Arabic on a website run by the concert organisers.

Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigative Police, OIJ, instantly launched an investigation after seeing what was written online. 

The OIJ’s director Walter Espinoza told the Costa Rica Times that they found Lopez by tracking the IP address from the phones he used to make from the posts.

They were then led back to his apartment.

He was found at his apartment in Tibas, near the capital San Jose, yesterday morning at 6 am. 

Police raided his apartment and also found two separate mobile phones, which were used to make the threats.

Walter Espinoza also said, "The original threat was in the Arabic language and indicated that there could be a situation of danger or an attack at the concert. It was a very sensitive situation."

Adding, “It is our job…to verify whether or not there is a real threat, because this is a very sensitive situation and it could lead to a tragedy.” 

Concert organisers, Parque Viva and One Entertainment released a statement confirming that a threat had been received. They stated that all companies involved would be taking the necessary security steps to guarantee safety.

Every person who attended the concert had to go through three security checks, one of them being completed by the Costa Rican police, another by private security and the third by Ariana’s own security.