Lifesaving Surgery After Unborn Baby ‘Kicks Through’ Mum’s Womb

Both are recovering

Lifesaving Surgery After Unborn Baby ‘Kicks Through’ Mum’s Womb Image: Pexels

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A Chinese mother and newborn daughter are recovering after her unborn baby almost kicked through the wall of her womb, prompting emergency surgery.

The incident occurred on October 2, after mum Zhang – then 35 weeks pregnant – presented at the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in China at 10am, initially complaining of an upset stomach, The Sun reports.

But following extreme pain and cold sweats, an ultrasound revealed the baby’s leg had actually “kicked through” the womb wall.

This prompted doctors to proceed with caesarean surgery to deliver the baby within a 10 minute window.

During the procedure, a 7cm “break” was found, which according to Zhang’s medical history was from a procedure to remove fibroids from her womb in 2016.

Doctors said mum and baby are both doing well after the little one’s traumatic arrival in the world.