Latest Mail Scam Claiming To Be From Police

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Latest Mail Scam Claiming To Be From Police

A new mail scam's doing the rounds!

A letter's being sent to South Australians 'supposedly' from Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

It looks legit, on SA Police letterhead and signed by the Commissioner.

The letter's promises the recipient a large sum of money in exchange for sending an 'approval fee'.

NB. Police do not send letters demanding approval fees or promise significant sums of money to be paid into offshore accounts.

It's also got spelling mistakes - a telltale sign it's a fake.

The style of this scam is similar to previously detected Nigerian scams, that generally involve offering the victim a share in a large sum of money on the condition they help transfer money overseas.

Anyone who receives a letter like this is urged not to respond and to contact police immediately on 131 444.

Please spread the word to help protect those who may be more vulnerable!