It Turns Out You're Not An Adult Until 24

Big kids.

It Turns Out You're Not An Adult Until 24

If being an adult seems a bit overwhelming, there could be a simple reason why: you're not an adult.

According to research in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, scientists from the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne have found that 24 is the age of adulthood.

This is because young people are continuing their education and delaying marriage and parenthood.

The brain also continues to mature beyond the age of 20, and many people do not have wisdom teeth until the age of 25.

The average age for men to get married is 32.5, with women typically 30.6. This is an increase of a huge eight years since the 1970s.

“Age definitions are always arbitrary,” lead author Professor Susan Sawyer said.

“Our current definition of adolescence is overly restricted.”

“The ages of 10-24 years are a better fit with the development of adolescents nowadays.”