International Students Are Sleeping At Aussie Universities

Rising trend

International Students Are Sleeping At Aussie Universities Image: Pixabay

Rising costs and risk-averse landlords are said to be among factors fueling a rising trend of international students sleeping on campus at Australian universities.

Back in March, six students were reportedly found shacking up in the 24-hour library of Port Macquarie's Charles Sturt University (CSU) campus, the ABC reports.

CSU Deputy Vice-Chancellor Jenny Roberts said the students were offered “a range of accommodation options” to help address their housing issues.

"The students have advised CSU they are now living with friends when they travel from Sydney to Port Macquarie during the week," she said.

Council of International Students Australia Arjun Mathilakath Madathil said for some students, it often feels safer to stay on campus.

"Some students stay at hostels or AirBnbs when they first get here, but once that is done, they become homeless and they feel safer to stay on campus, or in a campus library," he said.

"It's a cultural difference, they don't know what is right or wrong, and they think this is the easiest and safest way for them to spend the night."