HSC Students Taught The Wrong Course All Year

Weeks away from the big exam.

HSC Students Taught The Wrong Course All Year Getty Images

It has been reported that a New South Wales school has taught its students the wrong HSC course, with the revelation only occurring after seven months of classes.

Students at Coonamble High School were taught the General Mathematics 1 material instead of General Mathematics 2, with a significant difference in the difficultly of the content.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph, the students have been advised to 'cram' for the exam, which is in just eight weeks. The school is working to support the students through the provision of tutors and extra resources.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has provided the following statement on the matter.

"NESA has approved a special consideration for the students at Coonamble High School," a spokesperson said.

"The students will not need to do any extra assessments to cover the course work they missed out on. 

"NESA will use existing assessments for the 50% of the HSC mark based on school assessments. 

"This is in addition to NESA working with the department and the school supporting the students with targeted learning in the lead up to the HSC written exam on 23 October." 

If they do not pass the exam, the students have the option to resit next year.