How To Watch Tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter Conjunction

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How To Watch Tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter Conjunction NASA

Over the next two mornings, Earthlings will be treated to a very special display by planets Venus and Jupiter. 

In the early hours of Monday and Tuesday morning, Venus and Jupiter will align and rise very close together, following an almost identical path!

Despite being around 416 million miles away from each other, the planets will appear 0.3 degrees apart and rise at almost the exact same time. 

"When conjunctions happen, the planets appear close together, usually just a few degrees apart,” says

“On Nov. 13, Venus and Jupiter will come within a mere 17 arcminutes of each other, and remain close for a day before and after the conjunction itself. (Reminder: Your fist held at arm's length measures about 10 degrees across. There are 60 arcminutes in 1 degree.)” 

Unfortunately, since we are in the Southern Hemisphere the conjunction will only be visible for a short amount of time. 

To get the best viewing experience, it’s recommended you watch the planets rise at a high viewing point in a rural location away from light pollution. You should be able to view the planets with a naked eye, but telescopes and binoculars will help you get a closer look. 

Check out the local times the planets are expected to rise tomorrow morning: 


Venus: 5:08 / Jupiter: 5:09 


Venus & Jupiter: 5:28 


Venus: 4:09 / Jupiter: 4:10


Venus: 4:32 / Jupiter: 4:33 


Venus: 5:27 / Jupiter: 5:28  


Venus & Jupiter: 5:10 


Venus: 5:23 / Jupiter: 5:24 


Venus & Jupiter: 5:15 

Watch this very dramatic video by NASA to get you pumped!