Health Officials Want 'Overweight’ Models Banned From Runways Believing They Glorify Obesity

Sorry what?

Health Officials Want 'Overweight’ Models Banned From Runways Believing They Glorify Obesity

Health officials have stated that “drastically overweight” models are sending out the wrong message to the public and they are glorifying obesity.

They also believe they should be banned from fashion runways and that them walking is just as bad as promoting smoking.


Australia Medical Association NSW president Dr Brad Frankum expressed his fears that the growing popularity of “extremely overweight” models is potentially just as damaging as having drastically underweight models walking runways.

He said, “We don’t want anyone to feel ashamed or embarrassed by they way they look and everybody needs to wear clothes ... but there is a difference between being confident in who you are and promoting a healthy weight message.”

Adding, “It’s a difficult message but just like we don’t use cigarettes to promote products, I don’t think we should have unhealthy weights promoting products.”



Recently, Sports Illustrated had a fashion show which featured a number of 'plus size' models, while the reaction on social media was nothing but praise, health officials have labelled it as being “irresponsible”.


Body Positive Australia director Sarah Harry was quick to defend the ‘overweight' models saying that, “There’s no such thing as glorifying obesity because of the bias people who are bigger experience they go whether it’s the doctor, shopping or an aeroplane.”

She also added that it is unhelpful to judge women’s health based on their physical appearance. 

Soraiya Fuda from The Daily Telegraph wrote about the debate saying, “My argument here cuts both ways. If the fashion industry decides to stop using models who appear to have starved themselves to skin and bones - as they should - they shouldn’t then choose to promote an equally unhealthy body shape.”

Butterfly Foundation chief executive Christine Morgan stated, “A person’s health shouldn’t be determined by their physical shape or size as this reaffirms social stereotypes and creates societal assumptions. Health experts are the only people who can truly able determine a person’s health and it sets a dangerous precedent for non-health professionals to make judgments.” 

What do you think about this debate? 

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