Experts Say Flu Jab Safe For Pregnant Women

Anti-vax scare campaign doing the rounds

Experts Say Flu Jab Safe For Pregnant Women Kelly Brogan MD

Australia's top medics are assuring pregnant women the flu vaccine is safe, despite an anti-vax scare campaign doing the rounds online.

The message suggests the vaccine FluQuadri is still in trial stages and hasn't been tested for use in pregnancy.

But the AMA President Michael Gannon says every vaccine undergoes vigorous safety tests.

“I am very concerned that this information is being fed to women who are having babies, as the AMA would like to see a dramatic increase from last year’s uptake to an 88% uptake this year,” Dr Gannon said.

“I can only hope that women listen to their health providers rather than disingenuous claims online. The flu vaccine saves lives".

Influenza is one of the top reasons mothers-to-be end up in the ICU.

Currently, only half of all pregnant women opt for the vaccine.

“I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have the shot" Dr Gannon said.

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