Every State Is Pretty Much In A Different Season This Week

Crazy week of weather ahead.

Every State Is Pretty Much In A Different Season This Week

We're set to experience all four seasons in the span of a week, with wind, rain and snow on the cards as we head deeper into August.


Temperatures this week will span at 8C -26C, with Tuesday looking to be particularly with a top of 18C.

Saturday will be a great one if you're planning on heading outside, with 26C predicted.

However, temps will dip again on Sunday back into the mid-teens.


In contrast to the east coast of Australia, WA has experienced heavy rain and winds from a big cold front.

It's going to be a chilly end to the week, with Friday having a low of 5C-15C, Saturday 3C-16C and Sunday 4C-18C.


Adelaide and Victoria are expected to experience strong winds and rain, with as much as 20mm on the horizon.

Winds will reach 30-40km/h throughout the week.

Minimum temps will hit just 8C this week, while Thursday will see a high of 20C.


There are scattered showers and strong winds predicted for this week in Victoria.

Temperatures will span 6C- 20C, with Saturday to be very overcast 9C-13C and a 90 per cent chance of rain.


Meanwhile, QLD is set to experience a week of sun, with temps sitting at 8C- 27C.

Sunday will be a stand-out with 13C-27C, with some light winds all week.