Eating Disorder Foundation Extend Hotline As Netflix's To The Bone Launches

Content is considered triggering

Eating Disorder Foundation Extend Hotline As Netflix's To The Bone Launches

Australia’s leading organisation for eating disorders, Butterfly Foundation, has decided to extend the operating hours for the National Eating Disorders Helpline 1800 33 4673 (ED HOPE) tonight due to Netflix's launch of To The Bone.

The organisation say they have previewed the film and requested appropriate warnings and access to support lines in place at the beginning and end of the film. 

The foundation says the film’s content could be potentially triggering for vulnerable viewers, including those with or at risk of an eating disorder. 

The Mindframe Guidelines for Eating Disorders strongly recommend the inclusion of trigger warnings and appropriate support lines to promote help-seeking for individuals who may be adversely affected by content. 

Information Guide is available for parents and for the Australian community for those who'd like to know more. 

“Our duty of care is to ensure that vulnerable Australians have access to information and support and are aware when something is going to be triggering, to assist them in making informed decisions” said Butterfly Foundation CEO Christine Morgan.

“As Netflix has chosen not to take our expert advice, Butterfly will extend the operating hours of the National Helpline for Eating Disorders (ED HOPE) to open during and immediately following the release of the film tonight, so that anyone who is affected by this film has an opportunity to speak to a trained eating disorders counsellor.”

You can call the Butterfly’s National Helpline on 1800 33 4673