Dust Could Double Your Waistline

Not only your diet to consider

Dust Could Double Your Waistline

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Forget the soft drink, fast-food and fails at the gym making you pile on the pounds - it could be something under your bed or even on your pantry shelf that's making you stack on weight.

It's Friday and so here is why you should get out a feather-duster tonight:

Household dust could make you store fat, according to a new study out by the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science & Technology journal.

To break it down, the article discusses your endocrine system - which regulates and affects your hormones - and it talks about how dust and chemicals can disrupt that and trigger fat storage.

Studies on animals suggest that being exposed to as low as three micrograms can have an affect and the chemical process is now being nicknamed “obesogens” by scientists.

It has caused some concern, because America’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that kids consume 50 milligrams each day.

The researchers suggests that exposure to the chemicals through house dust may disrupt metabolic health, particularly in children.

The article wrote that in one of the 44 house dust contaminants tested in American homes, a substance commonly found in plastics was found to have the strongest fat-producing effects.