Doctor Could Lose Job After Baby Decapitated During Birth

Doctor could lose job

Doctor Could Lose Job After Baby Decapitated During Birth

A UK doctor could be struck off after a baby’s head was removed during a complicated delivery.

Dr Vaishnavy Laxman was a consultant gynaecologist at a hospital in Dundee, Scotland when the tragedy happened.

A 30-year-old patient arrived at the hospital after her waters broke prematurely just 25 weeks into her pregnancy. Doctors found the baby had a prolapsed cord and was breech, the Independent reports. 

The child was decapitated when the doctor told the patient to push while she pulled his legs at the same time, which caused the baby’s body to detach, leaving the head inside the mother’s womb.

She was also only two to three centimeters dilated – as opposed to the 10cm which is normal for childbirth.

Dr Laxman continued with a vaginal birth, despite the mother being told she would have a c-section if her child was in the breech position.

The mother told the tribunal she was refused pain relief, even as doctors tried to cut her cervix.

She also said she wasn’t told her baby had died until after the delivery, with doctors only telling her the “baby had to come out”.

“I would never use the word stillborn, he was not stillborn he was decapitated. I was pregnant, my first pregnancy — I wasn’t sure what was going on and I was told it was the safest place possible,” she told the tribunal 

The doctor is now facing a medical tribunal.

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