Coles To Make Self-Serve Check-Outs 'Basket Only'

No trolleys

Coles To Make Self-Serve Check-Outs 'Basket Only' Stock image

Coles are shaking up the self-serve checkout, with the supermarket chain to trial "basket only" service.

Twenty of the 800+ Coles stores across the country are trialling the service, which will see shoppers with trolleys sent to the staffed checkouts.

Assisted checkouts are a preferred choice of checkout for many customers and offer convenience and efficiency in their shopping experience. To improve service to customers and ease congestion, in a small number of stores we are accepting baskets only through the assisted checkouts. Team members are available to serve customers with trolleys in the main lane registers, and if there is not one vacant the store can open a register to assist customers with their shopping.

- Coles spokesperson

The move has been met with some online backlash, with shoppers complaining about larger queues in the main lanes due to the volume of shoppers with trolleys - while the self-serve checkouts have much more availability.