Cockroach Milk Could Be The Latest Milk Trend

Would you have this in your latte?

Cockroach Milk Could Be The Latest Milk Trend Pizabay

Forget the almond or soy – cockroach milk could be the next superfood trend!

A research team in India have found that a milk made from the Pacific beetle cockroach – which is found in Australia – is incredibly rich in nutrients.

Cockroach milk is made up of nutrient-rich crystals reported to have three times the energy of the same mass of cows milk.

The milk, which is being marketed by a South African company as “entomilk” is made from sustainably farmed insects.

“This is considered to be significantly more environmentally friendly than the traditional farming of dairy cows,” it says on its website.

“One of the most pivotal benefits of entomilk is that it has a high protein content and is rich in mineral such as iron, zinc, and calcium.”

As cockroaches don’t have nipples, it’s a lot harder to milk them – it’s estimated 100ml of milk would require 1000 cockroaches be killed.

Would you be willing to give it a taste?