Calls For Urgent Action Over 'Killer' Sugar

Should sugary drinks be taxed?

Calls For Urgent Action Over 'Killer' Sugar

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has warned that urgent action needs to be taken to curb 'killer' sugar and the ballooning obesity epidemic in Australia.

Recommendations from the AMA include taxing fruit juices by up to 40 cents per drink to reduce consumption.

“You wouldn’t dream of putting 15 teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee,” AMA president Doctor Michael Gannon told 9NEWS.

“But that’s what is hidden inside these drinks.”

Other issues that the AMA recommends addressing include banning advertising of junk food to children and removing unhealthy vending machines from medical facilities.

Furthermore, there is a push for better labelling so consumers can discern whether sugar in products is natural or added.