Bloke With Jail Yard Facial Tatt Turns Down 45 Jobs While Waiting 'For The Right One'

But he's accepted free laser removal..

Bloke With Jail Yard Facial Tatt Turns Down 45 Jobs While Waiting 'For The Right One'

Pic: New Zealand Herald

A teen dad whose face is splashed with 'DEVAST8' after a drunken night behind bars says he's 'waiting for the right job offer' after launching a desperate plea for work. 

Kiwi guy Mark Cropp's plea went viral last week, after he revealed he'd been turned down from several job interviews since walking free from jail.. all because of his poor choice of tatt. 

The 19-year-old spoke with the Hit network's Stav, Abby and Matt with Osher about the moment his wife first saw the half-face ink. 

"[She had] pretty much a "WHAT THE F***!" sort of look on her face, excuse my language."

Cropp also revealed he 'stopped counting' at 45 job offers, but has turned down every one of them. 

"I've had quite a few offers actually. I've even had offers in the US, Dubai even out in Australia. Construction, scaffolding, all sorts. It's just a matter of finding which one I'm really comfortable with until my face tattoo is gone."

"I've had three, four job offers in New Zealand as well but it's really hard to choose which one, some are based on the other side of Auckland and I've got no transport."

Meantime, he has accepted an offer to have the ink removed via laser treatment, and has even considered becoming an endorsement for tattoo removal 


"Yeah that's what I’ve been thinking!"

"It'll be good to have some of the light taken off me. It's all eyes on me to see if I'm doing what I put up the status for, getting a job and sticking to it."

One thing's for sure, he knows it's going to hurt. 

"I figure it's going to be a bit sore... I said 'can I try it on my head first or something?'"

Pic: Mark Cropp before and after his drunken jail yard decision