Aussie Mother Warns Parents To Take Care After Toddler Sustains Serious Burns At Waterpark


Aussie Mother Warns Parents To Take Care After Toddler Sustains Serious Burns At Waterpark Facebook

An Aussie mother is warning parents to take care in hot weather after her toddler sustained serious burns from a mental grate covers at a Queensland Park.

Simone Pickering posted photographs on Facebook after her 18-month-old child was left with second degree burns on the soles of both feet earlier this month.

“As any vigilant parent does you watch your children when you’re at public park.
Making sure they are safe and not at risk. You teach them not to run off without you, not go off with any strangers and to be polite and take turns.

“What you don’t expect to have to tell your children is to watch out for scorching 
HOT metal covers placed right in the path of little feet at a Splash and Play Water Park of all places!!” she wrote in a post. 

She said the was at the park with her daughter, on a 25-28 degree day when the injuries happened.

“Our daughter just happened to walk a short distance from where myself and family were sitting to find herself paralysed stranding on one of these  scorching HOT metal plates unable to move due to the intensity of the heat below.”

While the story is shocking, Kidsafe Qld CEO Susan Teerds says it’s common in warm weather for toddlers to be burned by hot metal – particularly as they tend not to react the way adults might.

“When a toddler walks onto something or touches something that hurts them, they just usually freeze on the spot and not move off like an adult. They might start to cry or they might start to scream – and often their parents or caregivers don’t know what’s going on.

We’d get off it quickly – they don’t – they just stand and cry.”

She said metal grills and grates were common in public spaces and play areas, as well as dark plastic which could also burn young children. It was up to councils and sporting facilities to take responsibility and use more appropriate materials.

“Once you start looking you’ll see them everywhere. Councils and sporting facilities need to take responsibility.” 

As for parents, they can reduce the risk of burns by keeping shoes or sandals on their children’s feet.