Attacks On Emergency Services Will Now Be Treated Like Murder In Vic

Govt seeks changes

Attacks On Emergency Services Will Now Be Treated Like Murder In Vic Twitter

Serious attacks on Victoria's emergency workers are to be treated the same as murder under reforms announced by the state government.

The measures follow a meeting between Premier Daniel Andrews and unions after backlash over the quashing of a jail term for two women who assaulted paramedic Paul Judd in 2016.

Under the reforms set to be introduced into parliament in coming weeks, attacks which injure emergency workers will be treated as "category 1" offences, the same as rape and murder.

Courts would be forced to jail anyone convicted over such attacks, the premier, Police Association and Ambulance Employees Australia Victoria said in a statement on Monday night, following a meeting.

They said details about how this would work for juveniles would be worked out over the coming months.

An emergency worker harm reference group was also promised to oversee the implementation of the reforms.

They seek to tighten six month mandatory sentencing laws introduced by the Napthine government in 2014, which included exemptions for "special reasons".

But there was outrage after Amanda Warren, 33, and Caris Underwood, 22, last week had the jail sentences they received for assaulting Mr Judd quashed on appeal in Victoria's County Court.

Warren and Underwood were originally sentenced to six months and four months respectively but Judge Barbara Cotterell said their traumatic childhoods and young families meant the minimum six-month term should not apply.