Another National Childcare Strike Announced

They'll walk off the job in March.

Another National Childcare Strike Announced (Supplied)

Childcare workers will walk off the job for the third time in 12 months over an ongoing fight for better pay.

A national strike was announced on Tuesday, March 27 after the federal government failed to meet a February 1 deadline set by the union demanding equal pay.

Parents are being asked to keep their children at home to support the action, which centres around concerns some skilled staff are earning as little as $21 per hour – half the average wage – in the female-dominated industry.




"We can't continue to have a world-class system with people being paid appalling wages to deliver it," said assistant national secretary of United Voice, Helen Gibbons on Sunday. "We are asking the community to stand with us to fight."

Some centres will fully or partially close, while others will close certain rooms.