Amber Harrison ordered to pay Legal Costs For Channel 7

Amber Harrison To Pay Court Costs

Amber Harrison ordered to pay Legal Costs For Channel 7

Former Channel 7 employee Amber Harrison, who had an affair with the network's CEO Tim Worner, has been ordered to pay their legal fees.

Harrison and Worner, a married father of four, had an affair in 2012 that ended messily after nearly two years.

Their relationship went public in 2016, when Harrison also revealed allegations of bullying, and cover-ups within 7 West Media.

In February of this year, Harrison released company documents and 7 sought an injunction to stop her.

In the NSW Supreme Court on Monday, Justice John Sackar found Harrison's conduct was 'unreasonable.'

"(She) decided to contest a claim and run a cross-claim mounted on allegations she could not substantiate," he said in his NSW Supreme Court judgment on Monday. 

Ms Harrison "continued to run this case in the face of adverse interlocutory findings, settlement offers, and a complete absence of evidence," the judge added.

"The allegations from both sides, whether entirely true or not, have often been personal, scandalous, and sadly ripe for media and public consumption."

"I do not feel the need to join in the histrionics," he said.

Harrison has previously said she'll go bankrupt if ordered to pay costs.