ACDC Lane's Cherry Bar Bans Mobile Phones From Gigs

Live in the moment

ACDC Lane's Cherry Bar Bans Mobile Phones From Gigs

A Melbourne live music venue is encouraging patrons to live in the moment – by banning mobile phones from filming performances.

ACDC Lane’s Cherry Bar announced they’d be banning mobile phones from performances immediately, after scoping public opinion via their Facebook page.


James Young, owner and booker of Cherry Bar said they’d be okay with a quick snap but staff had recently noticed a stark increase in the number of people filming entire performances lately.

“I’ve noticed in the last six months it’s really something that’s become a lot more prevalent. (It’s) not just people pulling out their phones and taking a quick snap which is fine by me,  (it’s) people holding up their phones and spreading their elbows like windmills and blocking the people behind them and arrogantly recording song after song.  It’s embarrassing.”

He said the bands didn’t appreciate crowds filming them either.

“Live music is a rare and beautiful human emotional connection and we just don’t need a black mirror or a phone blocking between a human audience and a band that’s putting in live on stage.”

He said feedback on the ban has mostly been positive.

“I think ninety-nine per cent of people agree with the ban– which we’re putting in tonight – only one per cent think I’m an old man screaming at a cloud."