ABC Staff Told To Zip-It On Marriage Equality

"Remain impartial"

ABC Staff Told To Zip-It On Marriage Equality

The ABC have told staff to remain impartial on the subject of marriage equality.

A stern email was reportedly sent to all employees – warning them against voicing their opinions on marriage equality.

In the email ABC's editorial policy manager Mark Maley reportedly told staff approximately 40 per cent of Australians oppose changing the country's marriage laws. He also said the national broadcaster "does not have a position on the issue", Fairfax reports.

"It is very important that we are impartial and that all perspectives are given a fair hearing and treated with respect by the ABC," he said. 

"In this charged environment I would also urge everyone to be circumspect on social media - advocating for one side or the other will make it more difficult for the ABC to be seen as impartial. The more high-profile you are the more important discretion is."