You Can Cuddle Puppies & Kittens This Weekend!

Spring event in Melbourne for adoptions

You Can Cuddle Puppies & Kittens This Weekend!

Spring is finally here bringing a heap of new puppies, kittens and baby furry animals into our state, but sadly that also means many will end up in Victorian shelters and rescue centres.

Many Aussies struggle to understand how to properly care for their pets once they grow up, seeing thousands of dogs and cats surrendered to shelters and centres like Animal Aid.

So, this weekend (September 24) the newly refurbed Animal Aid in Coldstream in Melbourne's east welcomes YOU to come and check out the new facility, in a bid to up adoption rates and get these fur babies into forever homes:


CEO Mark Menze says they are hosting a special Spring Celebration this Sunday, September 24, and want the public to come and meet all the cute pups and kittens. *Check out some of the pups here!

Menze says people often avoid shelters because they think the animals are "damaged goods".

"What a lot of people don't realise with a shelter do is we do all the testing, all the behavioural work with them before they go out," Menze says.

If adoption's not on the cards for you but you do want to get involved, Animal Aid is desperate for helping hands.

"There's lots of areas people can volunteer in, that doesn't necessarily have to be a hands on animal role, it can be admin, we have vehicles out, we have a foster care program so taking care of animals including kittens, taking kittens into your home and getting them up to a weight where they can be desexed and go up for adoption," says Menze.

People can also bring their own fur babies to the event - there will be volunteers and behaviour specialists on site.

Plus, prizes, pet advice, food and activities for the kids from 11.30am - 2.30pm.

The Spring Celebration is at Animal Aid Coldstream - 25 Killara Road, Coldstream

More info at (03) 8756 1335 or