WTF Is This Weather Doing In Victoria?

Bushfires & snow tipped in same weekend

WTF Is This Weather Doing In Victoria?

We're in for some bizarre weather this weekend in Victoria with warnings about bushfires and snow in the same 24 hour period.

Strong winds and sunshine are expected to sweep across northwestern Victoria on Sunday, with already dry conditions adding to the increased bushfire danger which is expected to reach "severe".

Those in the Mallee region will be on high alert for the risk of bushfires.

"We've seen a couple of fairly warm days but the fuel's now dried out that bit more and it's going to be very windy," senior meteorologist Scott Williams said.

"We'll be looking at the wind being the key reason to lift the fire danger."

But, come Sunday night, the state can expect a rapid 15C drop in temperature into Monday, which could mean snow falling in alpine areas.

"We're likely to see a snow level on our ranges down to about 1000 metres or so," Williams said.

"It's a really big contrast and just shows the waters to the south of continent haven't increased in temperature much."

The Bureau of Meteorology says this dramatic shift in weather is a little unusual but not unheard of.

Snow has fallen in Victoria in late October and even fell 12 years ago at Christmas time.