What You Can Buy With One Million Dollars In Melbourne

So many possibilities…

What You Can Buy With One Million Dollars In Melbourne

One million dollars is a life changing amount of money and luckily Melbourne has many different opportunities for you to splurge. 

Here are some ways you could spend up big time… 

1. 55,555 Smashed Avocados

Who needs a house deposit, anyway?

2. 2,525 helicopter transfers from the CBD to Melbourne airport 

No more peak hour traffic for you!

3. A 40-day stay in The Chairman’s Villa at Crown Towers

With 1080sq, a 14 seat dining table and a massive TV, you’ll be living in luxury!

4. 222,222 coffees

Because Melbourne is the best place to drink it! 

5. 3,389 meals at Attica 

You only live once, so why not eat in style?


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