We've Found The Best Workout In Victoria That's Perfect For You And Your Girls

Buf Girls!

We've Found The Best Workout In Victoria That's Perfect For You And Your Girls Danni Knight Photography

You know we're massive fans of the BUF Girls at the Fox, but did you know that you can take part in a BUF workout right here in Victoria?

We caught up with Kirsty from Buf Mornington Peninsula who told us everything there is to know about working out like a BUF Girl!


Who are the BUF Girls?

We are an outdoor fitness group for women. Our aim and our mission is to help women feel BUF – Beautiful Unstoppable Fearless! Beautiful connections, unstoppable body that can do anything and a fearless mind.

What kind of training do you do in your classes?
Our training varies each session. We do strength, cardio, goal based challenges and boxing. No matter which session you attend we can guarantee you’ll leave with a sweaty smile on your face.

Do you need to already be fit to join, or is it ok for beginners?
We have women who have never trained before, women who are pregnant or have just had a baby and some have even run marathons! All of our sessions can be modified to suit ANY fitness level. 



Where do you train?
We train at Beauty Park in Frankston and just as it sounds, it’s Beautiful! In the winter months we move to a small studio 5 minutes down the road so there are no excuses when it rains!

How many people are in the classes?
We have a maximum of 15 people each class. This allows each trainer to correct technique and give each client their full attention. You’ll never feel like just another number. We care about you and your goals!

How much does it cost?
We have a special BUF Friends Forever (BFF) offer at the moment which is $40 per week for unlimited sessions! This includes amazing training sessions, nutrition guidance, yummy recipes, a forum of unstoppable women just to name a few!



Is there anything else we should know?
We are passionate about encouraging and helping women to live their best lives. We aren’t about being the skinniest, the prettiest or losing the most weight. We focus on being strong, fit, happy and healthy. We are about bringing women together as a community and celebrating each other.

Find out out how to join and check out the class timetable here!