Two Babes From Braeside Are Changing The Mechanic Game

Putting The Brakes On Overcharging

Two Babes From Braeside Are Changing The Mechanic Game

Image: Instagram, @braesideautomoive 

Two women are taking a stand after being fed up with how many women are being taken for a ride at the mechanics.

It’s not uncommon for women to be ripped off at the mechanics because they may not be savvy about how a car works, and often ladies are forking out more for repairs.

So Cathy Wood and Jillian Edwards wanted to put the brakes on this, by opening their own auto repair shop that’s tailored to women.

Braeside Automotive is taking a transparent approach to educate chicks on what to expect when having their car repaired so they don't get ripped off in the future.

Good old fashion honesty is working well for the business women and the word is spreading about how they handle their female clients.
They're explaining things clearly and providing simple cost breakdowns.

But it's not just women that Wood and Edwards want to look out for, the pair also plan to keep a look out for P-platers who are starting to learn about their cars.

Braeside Automotive plan to hold workshops to help women and younger drivers understand their cars and they've just employed their first female mechanic apprentice.

Ladies, if you want to go see some ladies about your car you can contact them here.