Top Knots, Not So Top!

Girls And Guys Take Note

Top Knots, Not So Top!

This hairstyle is an easy go-to.
Pretty much every second hipster in Melbourne has one.
And the likes of Riri and Kate Hudson rocked this look on the Met Gala Red Carpet...

But you may want to think twice before whipping your hair up into top knot every day.

A reminder for ladies who love a high hairdo and also for guys who are fans of the man bun. Hair Experts say top knots are sending people bald when they tie their hair too tight, too often.

Apparently, it puts stress on your hairline where it meets your forehead causing gradual hair loss.

So keep this in mind when you're doing your hair next.

Instead of slicking it back ultra-tight, maybe opt to let your locks hang loose.