This Mothers' Day Dessert Buffet Is To Die For!


This Mothers' Day Dessert Buffet Is To Die For!

Being amazing is a piece of cake ... We'll 10 pieces actually. Your mum called and she wants a piece of that cake.

Armageddon Cake - based in Geelong - is "one of the best dessert bars on Earth" they reckon - and we might just have to agree.

This Mother's Day they are kickin it old skool by introducing a 10 piece nostalgic cake banquet / high tea. Let's take you back to when life was carefree and the costs of bread was 0.40.

It includes:

  1. Fantails caramel fudge tart

  2. Reece’s Pieces peanut butter chocolate cake

  3. Violet Crumble and honeycomb tart

  4. Bertie Beetle layered chocolate mousse cake

  5. Milky Bar and white chocolate nougat mudcake with ganache

  6. Mini marshmallow sherbet cones white mousse angel cake

  7. Gummy bears layered rainbow cake

  8. Toffee Apple cheesecake

  9. Nerds white chocolate ganache tart

  10. Starburst swirl baked cheesecake


A few more details:

Mother’s Day 14th May
10 piece cake banquet / high tea
$45 per head
Includes a drink from the menu
Sittings: 10:30am (sold out), 1:30pm (sold out), 4:30pm, 7:30pm Limited places