This Melbourne Chocolate Store Is Doing Marble Easter Eggs

They are so beautiful!

This Melbourne Chocolate Store Is Doing Marble Easter Eggs Instagram: bibelotsouthmelbourne

We can’t keep up with all the Easter eggs that have hit the shelves (the Fox team have our own stash!) and many local chocolate stores are releasing their own special editions. Even though all of the eggs are divine, we couldn’t miss these incredible creations. 

Bibelot, nestled in the heart of South Melbourne, have stock MARBLE Easter Eggs. They come in a range of colours and are so detailed, it looks like the real thing. We’re OBSESSED.





The eggs are also filled with Bibelot’s signature comfit, which varies depending on whether you want white, milk or dark chocolate – including chocolate-coated hazelnuts infused with hot cross bun spices! 

Oh, and we forgot to mention they have also stocked a limited edition Black Onyx and Gold Easter egg – and they’ll only be 30 available!


Where: 285 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Price: $30 each, $135 for a pack of five.

Head to Bibelot's website to learn more


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