The Owen Wilson ‘WOW’ Event In Fed Square Is TONIGHT!


The Owen Wilson ‘WOW’ Event In Fed Square Is TONIGHT! Facebook: Owen Wilson Wowposting

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you may have seen an event page floating around with a picture of Owen Wilson. Created by the page ‘Owen Wilson Wowposting’, it is inviting fans of the actor to come to Fed Square on the 26th of February to say ‘Wow’ to eachother, as a tribute to the 'Wedding Crashers' star.

Fifi, Fev & Byron spoke to the organiser, Nick on Monday morning and he explained that the event was intended as a joke. However, the event went viral and at the time of publishing, 5,000 people are planning to attend with an extra 18,000 people have shown their interest. 

The event will include a ‘hype speech’ and warm-up ‘wows’, followed by a massive group ‘wow’. People will then be able to stay around and ‘wow’ on as long as they like.

Nick said he’s tried to contact the master of ‘wow’ himself, but unfortunately the Wilson is pretty inactive on social media. There is always hope!

Where: Federation Square, CBD

When: 6pm-8pm February 26th

Go to the Facebook event page for more info.


Listen to the full interview below: