The Best Places To Try Japanese Food Trends In Melbourne

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The Best Places To Try Japanese Food Trends In Melbourne Instagram: @hokkaidoau

The Japanese know how to make yummy treats and we’re so excited they’ve come to town!

Here are some of our faves: 

1. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart – multiple locations

Hokkaido offers many variations of these famous tarts, including blueberry, chocolate and strawberry!


2. PAFU – QV Urban Market, Melbourne

PAFU is Japan’s version of a French apple turnover pie and is super delicious!


3. Uncle Testu – 55 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Those wobbly, fluffy cheesecakes you keep seeing online are finally here!


4. Tsujiri – 146 Swanston Street, Melbourne 

This popular tea house has a stack of desserts on offer, including crepe cake and sort serve.


5. Harajuku Crepes – multiple locations

This store has been serving up delicious food to locals and tourists for years, and we can see why!


6. Dessert Kitchen – multiple locations

This place is full of sweet options, including a wicked sundae served in a COCONUT!


7. Picapika Waffles – 20A/674 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn 

There are heaps of trendy food at this spot, including ice cream in a bubble waffle, Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) or a watermelon slice! 


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