Suggestions A CBD Parking Levy Could Be The Key To Managing Melbourne's Traffic

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Suggestions A CBD Parking Levy Could Be The Key To Managing Melbourne's Traffic File

A new report suggests increasing CBD car parking prices could be the key to reducing CBD congestion. 

A report released by Infrastructure Victoria report suggests that expanding and increasing the CBD car parking levy offers a chance to better manage transport demand in Melbourne, where parking costs are significantly lower than similar cities such as Sydney.

The report also suggests expanding off-peak public transport fares, with predictions time spent on congested roads in Melbourne will increase by one-fifth by 2030.

By this time, the metropolitan population is forecast to swell from 4.5 million people in 2015 to almost six million.

The population jump means there will be an estimated 3.5 million extra trips daily across the transport network, with cars to still account for most trips.

To combat congestion, the report makes recommendations that could be introduced within five years to improve travel times on the network.

It suggests a more transparent approach in setting public transport fares and expanding off-peak fares. It also suggests applying a peak period surcharge - similar to London's rail travel. 

Other recommendations include overhauling bus routes and replacing poor-performing routes with low-cost services such as vans or minibuses, which pick up several passengers at once and take them to selected destinations.

Premier Daniel Andrews said there were no plans to change the car park levy.