Spring Will Be Warm With Little Rain, Says Bureau

Good news for outdoor lovers!

Spring Will Be Warm With Little Rain, Says Bureau



Despite what the past few days might lead you to believe – Melbourne’s spring will be warmer than normal.

The Bureau of Meteorology, has released their Spring outlook and it’s good news for outdoor lovers – and bad news for farmers.

Bureau climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins said explained: "Like all Australians, all of us at the Bureau of Meteorology are hoping those affected by the drought will get the rain they need soon.

"Unfortunately, our outlooks show odds favouring a drier and warmer than average spring for many areas."

The outlook suggests spring rainfall is likely to be below-average for much of mainland Australia, with strongest chances (above 80 per cent) of a drier-than-average season in southern NSW, Victoria and southwest WA.

For Victoria in particular, he said there was a 70-80 per cent changes we’ll see a drier than normal spring, with a high chance there’ll be below average rainfall. 

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