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Say Good Bye To Footcrays Iconic Doughnut Stand

They won't be reopening.

Say Good Bye To Footcrays Iconic Doughnut Stand

Footscray's delish Olympic Doughnuts will not be reopening. 

The owners of the much-loved Footscray instution asked the City of Maribyrnong to share the news on their Facebook page, in light of the owner Nick Tsiligiris's health problems. "

The post reads:

Nick’s family would like to thank the community for their ongoing support, particularly those who have been devoted fans since the van first began rolling doughnuts in the 1970s. As his daughter Gina said, “Nick loved his Footscray and it loved him back tenfold.”

Thanks for the memories Nick – you and your delicious jam doughnuts will forever remain part of Footscray’s rich history and culture.