Pregnant Melbourne Woman Killed Man For Cigarettes

The victim was stabbed 20 times.

Pregnant Melbourne Woman Killed Man For Cigarettes

A Melbourne woman who stabbed her ailing housemate to death because she wanted his cash for cigarettes has pleaded guilty to his murder.

Anna Horneshaw, 28, was almost five months pregnant in November 2015 when she grabbed a boning knife from her kitchen and stabbed Zvonimir Petrovski, 67, at least 20 times.

After Ms Horneshaw admitted to murder in the Victorian Supreme Court on Friday, the court heard how she initially lied to police.

She had told them Mr Petrovski had been killed by an unknown male intruder who had threatened to cut her baby out of her.

Horneshaw's partner and father of the unborn child, who was in the Thomastown flat when the stabbing took place, initially supported the lie.

But the pair's stories did not match and police became suspicious, the prosecution said.

"That was never going to fly," Justice Jane Dixon said.

Mr Petrovski was drinking with Horneshaw's partner on a Saturday night when Horneshaw started asking him for cash so she could buy cigarettes.

Mr Petrovski, who had $85 on him, eventually took some cash out of his wallet to show her and Horneshaw grabbed it from his hand and went to the kitchen.

He followed her asking for it back.

Horneshaw, who was 20 weeks pregnant, punched Mr Petrovski, sending him crashing into a wall.

The struggle then continued into the lounge where Horneshaw used a knife belonging to the victim to stab him multiple times in the neck and back.

Her partner screamed at her to stop and called triple-zero.

Horneshaw's defence told the court she had written a letter to the judge expressing great sorrow and remorse for her actions.

At the time she was suffering from a "conglomeration of stressors", including cannabis and nicotine withdrawals and severe mental health illness, which reached a "tipping point", her lawyer said.

Horneshaw was in the habit of drinking 35-40 alcoholic drinks a day before she discovered she was several months pregnant, the court heard.

Mr Petrovski was described as a man with declining health, chronic alcoholism and poor financial circumstances.

Friends and family of both Mr Petrovski and Horneshaw attended the court.

Credit: AAP