Police Rescue Kangaroo Struggling In The Surf

Incredible work!

Police Rescue Kangaroo Struggling In The Surf Twitter - @VictoriaPolice

The weather is warming up a bit as we get closer to summer and the beach is starting to look even more appealing.

However, one beach-goer got into a bit of strife over the weekend, with police having to rescue a kangaroo from the surf at a Victorian beach.

The roo had ventured out into deep surf and was caught on camera in a bit of trouble.

Two policemen swam out to save it, bringing it to shore and wrapping it up in a blanket.


The incident happened at 5pm on Saturday, with numerous calls placed to report the kangaroo at Safety Beach in Rosebud.

Upon arriving, the kangaroo had made it back to the sand, but decided to go back into the water a second time and then struggled with the powerful waves.

According to Victoria Police, the kangaroo is being looked after and is in good spirits.

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