Memorial Ride For Dutch Cyclist Killed On Chapel St

Victim of hit and run

Memorial Ride For Dutch Cyclist Killed On Chapel St Pexels

Cyclists will ride in honour of Dutchwoman Gitta Scheenhouwer who was killed as she rode her bike down Melbourne's Chapel Street.

Hundreds will meet on Alexandra Avenue at 7am on Tuesday before riding down Chapel Street to the South Yarra site where the 27-year-old was hit on August 12 by a stolen car, with the driver fleeing the scene.

"Bike riding is an activity we associate with fun, joy and good health, that's why when tragedy strikes and a rider is killed, it hits us all so hard," Bicycle Network chief Craig Richards said ahead of the ride.

"My deepest sympathies go to Gitta's family and friends. She came to Australia to make lifelong memories. To lose her life in such horrific circumstances is just so tragic."

Ms Scheenhouwer's family spoke of their pain in an earlier statement.

"We can hardly put into words the deep pain and feelings of overwhelming sadness and sorrow at the loss of Gitta Scheenhouwer who was taken from all of us," they said.

"She will always be in our hearts as the sweet, spontaneous, cheerful girl who was always busy with all of the things she wanted to do whilst smiling from ear to ear."

Ms Scheenhouwer and her boyfriend Thomas had left the Netherlands to follow their longtime wish of living Down Under for a couple of years.

After studying and working hard, they arrived in May, visiting Sydney and Brisbane before settling in Melbourne.

She had just landed her dream job as a graduate architect and the couple planned to make Melbourne their home.

Police say the fatal crash happened after a white Mercedes swerved into a bike lane.

Michael Panayides, 26, of no fixed address, is charged with culpable driving and failing to stop or render assistance. He will face court on December 4.

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