Melbourne's Trams and Trains Facing Tougher On-Time Targets

Does this mean they'll be more punctual

Melbourne's Trams and Trains Facing Tougher On-Time Targets Wikipedia

Melbourne's train and tram operators face tougher performance targets and harsher financial penalties for delays and cancellations after renewing contracts to run the city's public transport system.

Metro Trains and Yarra Trams' owner Keolis Downer must meet higher punctuality targets, with the former facing fines of up to $700,000 if passengers require compensation for network failures, under the seven-year deals worth a collective $7 billion.

Metro's monthly punctuality target will increase from 88 per cent to 92 per cent and Yarra Trams' from 77 per cent to 82 per cent under the new contracts beginning November 30.

The train operator will also no longer be allowed to skip stations or the city loop to meet its performance targets, the state government said.

However trains are still allowed to be four minutes and 59 seconds behind schedule without being considered 'late'.

"We're cracking down on those things that really frustrate passengers, whether it's the bypassing of the city loop, station skipping, short-running, and also wanting to raise the bar on the cleanliness of the network as well," Victoria's Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan told reporters on Tuesday.

The government will introduce a daily inspection and cleaning regime for t rains, trams, stations and major tram stops, she added.

It comes after Metro Trains was fined $1.2 million, the maximum monthly performance penalty, over a computer glitch that shut down the entire network during peak hour in July.

Ms Allan said the new train and tram contracts included the creation 700 jobs, more than half of which will be apprenticeships.

The Greens said there should have been a competitive tender for the new train and tram contracts.

"This will deliver seven more years of late, unreliable and overcrowded trains and trams," the party's transport spokeswoman Samantha Dunn said.